6 Things to Consider When Buying Shoes

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6 Things to Consider When Buying Shoes

Imagine you are attending an important business meeting and your shoes are pinching your toes constantly. Or, you have been asked to speak at a large public event and your shoes are too tight for comfort. Or maybe, your work keeps you on your toes all the time, but the wrong heels are hurting your feet. In all these situations, wearing uncomfortable, tight, stuffy, or just the wrong footwear can rob your peace of mind and increase your stress and anxiety. You might not be able to focus on the job at hand. Also, by buying shoes that are ill-fitting, you can end up with a clumsy gait and leave behind a poor impression everywhere you go. So, to feel and look confident, comfortable, and classy, avoid buying shoes that are only fashionable. Apart from complementing your clothes and accessories, shoes must satisfy quite a few other usage and quality parameters.

Studies that highlight the worth of shoes

A study conducted on people consistently wearing shoes showed how about 30 million people in the UK have probably caused damage to their feet by donning shoes of the wrong size or wrong fit. Another study by Hotter, a reputed footwear brand, showed that it can take more than 3 days for your feet to return to their original state after wearing uncomfortable shoes.

According to the well-known podiatrist Dina Gohil, wearing improper shoes can exert undue pressure on the hips, knees, lower back and even the neck. Surprisingly, one in eight grownups wear the wrong shoes just because they admire the style, and deal with issues like bunions, hard skin and blisters.

So, what is the solution?

Choose shoes carefully, if you want comfort, support and style. Now, leather shoes have always been a timeless choice. They’re elegant and crafted to last. And today, you can browse thousands of varieties before buying shoes. However, not every pair is crafted equally. So, whether you are first-time buyer or a regular user, here are a few shoes buying tips.

Comfortable Shoes can make all the difference. They can save you a lot of stress, discomfort, fatigue and thus keep you highly productive throughout your long-working day when you are on your toes all the time.

Check the type of leather

If you want genuine leather, pick up shoes like the Vorth 44250 Black, a fine example of Italian craftsmanship and made from pure animal hide. Unless you’re expert at maintaining shoes, stay away from exotic crocodile or ostrich leather. Also ensure that the insides of the shoes have leather lining and not synthetic materials like fabric or mesh lining. Leather, a natural material, can absorb sweat more efficiently and keep your feet fresh, odour-free, germ-free, cool and comfy.  

Examine the sole

Soles determine how comfortable your shoes will be while walking. While buying shoes for men or women, avoid poor-quality soles that lack good grip and can make you skid on smooth surfaces. The quality and flexibility of the sole also influences the shoe’s lifespan.

Now, natural rubber soles, though slightly heavy, are anti-skid and absorb shocks efficiently. A polyurethane or PU sole, as used in the Vorth 44916 Black shoes, is ideal for long-term use. Lightweight and abrasion-resistant, it provides a firm grip on different surfaces. These shoes also feature shape-retention technology, making a good fit last long. TPR or thermoplastic soles are comfortable and resistant to daily wear. They are slip-resistant and flexible too.

However, stay away from PVC, hard sheet and leather soles, as they are not flexible and make noise with every step you walk.   

Study the stitching pattern

In premium shoes, different pieces of leather are stitched together seamlessly. Naturally, every smart shoes buying guide will advise you against buying those constructed with glue.

For formal shoes, look for designs like the Vorth 44803 Black, where the stitching is seamlessly blended into the leather. If you’re looking for a semi-formal pair, consider designs where the stitching is more pronounced. In both cases, make sure the stitching is of high quality and not frayed.

Everything ergonomics

Most importantly, the shoes should conform to your feet’s shape. If they’re too tight, the leather might stretch. Too loose, and the leather will crease and wrinkle. Thus, while buying shoes online, pick brands that follow standard shoe sizes. Good footwear should also have varied arch-support options and shock cushioning.

Remember that shoe sizes are determined by the length and width of your feet, which can change with age and weight gain. Hence, new shoes must match your feet length and width exactly. Your toes will need ample room too, as they move up by 0.5 cm when you walk. Heels, on the other hand, must feature stable support to balance your body. Shoes with pointy tips are unsuitable for those with wide feet, as they can damage your toes.

The right colour

Whether you’re buying shoes for women or for men, colour is an important consideration. Whether it’s a statement piece or an everyday essential, your shoes must complement your closet. For example, black leather shoes like the Vorth 44249 Black pair well with black, navy blue and grey trousers. And brown and tan shoes like the Vorth 44241 Tan can be worn with beige or brown trousers. Also, unless you are planning to wear the pair only on specific occasions or with particular outfits, go for black, brown or tan shades. These will complement most of your attires effortlessly and are also easy to maintain. So, shoes in such shades will look stylish for a long time to come.  

Fitting the occasion

One of the important shoe buying tips is to consider the right style for the right event. Sure, you want to turn heads, but would you want to stick out like a sore thumb? A bit of research on leather shoes can help avoid a fashion faux pas.

For casual events, you can go for low-heeled brogues. Leather boots fit the informal vibe, and if you’re looking for formal shoes, black Oxfords are a perfect choice. To play it safe, pick slip-on shoes for casual events and lace-up shoes for formal occasions. Whether you’re buying shoes for kids or for adults, always invest in brands known for high-quality manufacturing and good customer service. While they might demand a higher price, such leather shoes will cater to your needs and tastes for years. And this way, you will have one less thing to worry about when you are attending a party, corporate event, or simply heading to your workplace.

Always remember, If your shoes hurt, no matter how great they look, the smile on your face will be gone.No amount of style can compensate for the agony of uncomfortable shoes. With poor-fitting shoes that hurt, you will not be able to focus on your task at hand, hence, It is a wise decision to invest in good shoes rather than irreversible and expensive orthopedic damage, devastating effect to your workplace productivity & confidence that results from poorly fitting footwear.

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