Buy More Than ‘Just a Shoe’


Buy More Than ‘Just a Shoe’

Are you planning to buy shoes but are confused about which one to pick? Choosing a shoe is never easy as it is much beyond buying just footwear. With so much evolution in the industry in the era of fast fashion, a number of other factors have occupied the top spot coupled with the basic functionality of a shoe.

Gone are the days when shoes were purchased only based upon correspondence to attire one wears. Today factors like comfort, style, purpose etc., influence the purchasing behaviour of the patrons. Shoes also have an aspirational value. A good pair of shoes heightens the confidence level, thereby making your dreams more achievable.

Let us take a quick look at what good quality shoes have to offer you

Avoids discomfort

Can you imagine working 9 hours in discomfort? The answer to this is no. Comfort is the biggest factor one considers when it is about shoes, especially a pair that needs to be worn the whole day. It is interesting to note that your feet tend to widen during the day. If your shoes are narrow and uncomfortable, it can lead to deformities in the toes through rubbing and pressure. Vorth shoes come with Unique Arch support for unbelievable comfort 2.0. The arch supports your foot in such a way that it is comfortable to wear the shoes all day long.

Helps in regulating foot moisturizer:

With the entire day of your feet locked in the shoes, there is a need for footwear that helps in controlling the moisture, thereby leading to healthy feet. We at Vorth Shoes use high-quality leather which absorbs sweat and maintains a cool temperature of the feet throughout the day. The leather also keeps the feet comfortable which helps you to be more productive all day long.

Keeps foot odour at bay:

Foot odour is a major concern to deal with while making your purchase. With the wrong pair of shoes, we can end up in an embarrassing situation, with those sticky feet. Some synthetic materials do not allow the shoes to breathe, leading to bacteria, fungi and bad odour. Put a halt to that and pick high-quality shoes to keep smelly feet at bay. Vorth shoes made from superior leather helps absorb sweat and keep feet odour-free without letting the discomfort of foot odour come between your dreams.

Prevents foot pain

Good shoes made of breathable material and comfortable sole allow you better comfort when you are on the move. For a shoe to be able to live up to the expectation, It is important that it doesn’t do any damage to the feet, prevents squeezing and one must get a feeling of being practically barefoot along with it providing enough protection to promote comfortable walk on any surface.

Each of Vorth shoe is made with special memory foam inner sole which ensures equal distribution of pressure of the foot in order to prevent food pain. The memory foam remembers the shape of the foot helps the foot to adjust in the most comfortable way to make it wearable all day long.

Improves posture

The rough and uncomfortable shoes do not allow us to walk properly and affect the natural position of the foot, ankles, knees and hips, and, in general, the back and the whole body.

With Vorth Shoes’ ultra-comfortable formal shoes, maintaining the natural posture of the body becomes easier and convenient, without the joints and muscles being affected. After all good posture oozes confidence and helps in achieving your dreams. Be smart, Stay smart!



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