About Us

Vorth has been on a journey that has taken us far and wide since our inception. We are committed to delivering the message of comfort and captivating style through our shoes. Our shoes reflect a formal mindset that rewards our customers with ultimate comfort and relaxation of mind & body.

We believe that the perfect shoe hasn’t been invented yet. This positive dissatisfaction compels us to constantly improve upon our footwear. We are one of the very few companies to engineer walking comfort in dress shoes.

All this took shape in such a short span of time as the founder of the company mastered the technology of shoe making by getting a full-time degree from Leicester University, UK. It was his passion for shoes that he was awarded a Gold Medal at the end of his study.

At Vorth, customer satisfaction is our utmost value.

Our Principles


Vorth is committed to working in ways that contribute to society by staying true to the principles of being fair, honest, positive, and innovative in all aspects of our business.

Company Strategy

Our mission is to become the most desirable and sustainable footwear company. We are proud to be one of the most comfortable shoe brands in India.